Why was OZ! created?

After too many times opening up dance bags and being overwhelmed with the hideous smell, it became clear that we needed to create a product.  As we were developing the product line, we uncovered the spray needed to kill the fungus and bacteria that grows in the bags.  It was a daunting task-smelling many gym bags, but the outcome was well worth it!

Where can you spray OZ!?

OZ! can be sprayed anywhere on any material that stink!  Our original intent was for athletic shoes and gym bags.  However, we quickly discovered it works effectively on yoga mats, football pads, baseball mitts, volleyball pads, and even cars and homes.

What's in OZ!?

The base of each OZ! product is the finest purified water that the earth provides allowing the characteristics of the essential oil to be uninhibited, and to do the job Mother Nature intended.  

Where can I purchase OZ!?

OZ! can be purchased on Amazon and in the retail stores below.  Check back often as we will be sharing locations around the country where you can pick up OZ!.

Bravo! Dance Competitions

StarQuest Dance Competitions

Bobby's Dance Wear

Hy-Vee Stores

Mark's Dance Wear


How Do I use OZ!?

OZ! was purposely made to be highly concentrated so you don't have to use a lot at once.  Spray the stinky item with a few pumps as needed and allow Mother Nature to do her job.